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Sabrina Andrews-Webb 🌈

Teignmouth, Devon | Online Appointments | I am a cisgender bisexual and queer woman. | White British | Bisexual queer woman

I work with adults in Teignmouth (Devon) and via Zoom, supporting clients with bereavement, trauma, anxiety, stress, depression and addiction - to name just a few. I’m passionate about working with those with traumatic life experiences, addiction and those in the LGBTQ+ community. I’m a friendly, warm and down-to-earth counsellor, able to make you feel heard and safe.

Kay Juviler-Bacon

Beds, Herts & Bucks | Online Appointments | Cisgender | White British | Straight

I am a person-centred psychotherapist based on the borders of Beds, Herts and Bucks. I have over 7 years experience supporting adults and young people struggling with questions around their gender. I offer a non-judgmental and loving space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences in a way that feels right for you. You might have questions or curiosity about your gender that you want to unpack. You might know you are transgender or gender nonconforming and want a space to talk about how this feels while also gaining practical and emotional support for your journey, whatever that might look like for you. I am hugely passionate about championing transgender, non-binary and gender questioning peoples’ rights and feel hugely privileged when able to support and work alongside this client group as a psychotherapist.

Sam Marshall

Haslemere, Surrey | Online Appointments | cis female | white | heterosexual

“In a calm compassionate environment, my aim is to work collaboratively with clients in a non-judgemental empathic space where we can explore the difficulties they are having at their own pace.

My approach is person centred. I believe that you are ‘your own expert’ and by getting to know and understand what you are experiencing we will be able to find the way to feel differently to life’s challenges and move forward in a more positive way.

I work on a face to face basis with adults, depending on your needs offering either short or long term talking therapy. During our initial conversation we can discuss what your aims are for therapy and how we can work towards them.”

Claire Randolph 🌈

Thrive 585A Fulham Road, SW6 5UA | Online Appointments | Female | White N.Irish | Lesbian

With over 20 years experience as a counsellor offering a non judgemental space for gender, sexually and ethnically diverse clients, I offer individual and couples counselling in Fulham/West Kensington or via Skype on a short or long term basis.

If you feel out of step with yourself or others my aim is to help you understand your feelings and yourself better, through being curious about your life and who you are, whilst making connections and offering considered reflections so that you feel more settled and self accepting.

I am aware that labels can be important when used for self definition but may also have a history of being used to denigrate individuals or groups within society. I therefore hold an universal cultural awareness whilst focusing your individual experience in our work together to understand what you need from yourself and others to feel comfortable in and with yourself.

Chris Grant

online | Online Appointments | non-binary | Irish | Queer

The Queer Therapist is a UK based online therapy service dedicated to providing queer and gender affirming therapy within a private practice setting. Grounded in intersectional, effective and evidence-based counselling and psychotherapy, The Queer Therapist offers short and long-term integrative therapy that aims to equip you with the necessary knowledge, clarity and tools so that you can reach your goals and lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

Sabrina Coxon 🌈

Brighter Spaces, Guildford, Surrey | Online Appointments | Female | Mixed - Chinese and White European | Queer/Pansexual

I qualified in 2016 as a Counselling Psychologist and specialise in the therapeutic modalities of psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), and dialectical-behavioural therapy (DBT). I have worked in NHS community mental health and recovery services (CMHRS) as well as in the private sector at an inpatient hospital for The Priory Group. I have now been in private practice for a few years and am able to see clients face-to-face or online. As someone in the LGBTQ+ community and seeing the paucity of care, support and services available, I wanted to be someone who can help the community. I specialise in working with clients who struggle to manage their emotions, who feel they lack a sense of self or self-confidence, who may have experienced trauma, and/or wish to explore their identity and find a way to become the person they deserve to be.

Luq Adejumo 🌈

53 Davies Street, W1 | Online Appointments | Cis man | Black African/British | Gay

I am a registered psychotherapist currently working online at The School of Life as well as seeing private practice clients both online and in person. In the past, I’ve worked as a volunteer therapist for LGBTQ+ charities such as, London Friend and The Terrence Higgins Trust for 3 years. I am experienced in working with issues related to anxiety, depression, shame, homophobia, complex family dynamics, bereavement, grief, addiction, self-loathing and feeling marginalised due to race, gender or sexuality.

Sam Clark

Margate, Kent CT9 | Online Appointments | Cisgender woman | White UK | Straight/ heterosexual

“Hi, I’m Sam. I have been a psychotherapist for 20 years and I work with adults, families and young people, both online and in-person from my practice in Margate. I believe we all have an innate healing capacity within us, and my job as a therapist is to help uncover and amplify your resources, strengths and capabilities.

I am on a journey to increase my awareness and understanding of gender, sexual and relationship diversity, something I feel passionate about for both professional and personal reasons. I have a particular interest in working with the families and carers of trans, non-binary and gender questioning young people, helping them in turn to support their young person while navigating their own emotional responses. My systemic/ family therapy training gives me the tools to help facilitate those conversations.

If you might like to work with me the first step is a brief (free) Zoom or phone call to see if I am the right person for you and answer any questions you might have.”

Jenny Wood 🌈

I work within a Child and Adolescent Service | Female | White British | Lesbian

I am a family therapist who specialises in working with young people and their families across a range of areas including low mood, self harm, eating disorders, trauma and young people who identify as trans or gender variant. My practice is inclusive and I value the perspectives of everyone in the family and wider supporting network. My task is to work alongside young people and their families facilitating their journey in search of solutions and shared understanding of the experiences that brings them into therapy. I create a safe space where every one who attends the sessions has a voice, is heard and valued with no judgments made.

I have personal and professional experience of the LBGT community and for the last 2 years I have worked with young people exploring, or who have identified as gender variant. I am based on the south coast in the Southampton area which is easily accessible from the M27 and M3. My website is currently is being developed.

Jacci Hunt

N/A | Online Appointments | Female | White British | Heterosexual

Life can be unpredictable, challenging and overwhelming at times and it can be hard to seek support, so well done for taking that first step!

As a person centred counsellor I offer a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and unique experiences.

I have experience of working with parents and carers of transgender and non-binary young people who find themselves having to support their young person whilst having to deal with their own emotions. There may be other reasons why you may consider having counselling, other challenges you want to explore. I will walk alongside you as you process and make sense of the emotions you are experiencing. I can work both short term or long term, by zoom or telephone.

Choosing the right counsellor to build a relationship with is so important; an initial telephone conversation might be beneficial, where I can answer any questions you may have.

Shelley Carr 🌈

Wiltshire (but mostly online) | Online Appointments | Cis gendered female | White British | Lesbian / Queer

I believe there is a force within us that seeks healing. We have a felt sense of rightness, a knowing that is unique to each person. My desire is to help you reveal and nurture that sense.

I have over 10 years’ experience working therapeutically with clients and am a member of the National Counsel of Integrated Psychotherapists. My style and therapeutic orientation is relational, attachment-based, somatic and experiential and I am a certified AEDP therapist (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy). I specialise in working with complex and developmental trauma and have studied a range of trauma processing modalities. I feel passionately about working with the LGBTQIA+ community and offering a safe space where you will never be pathologised for your sexual orientation or gender identity.

Nikki Howes  🌈

Kingston upon Thames | Online Appointments | Non binary | Secular Jewish | Pansexual

Update: 11th August I am currently not taking on new clients

“My name is Nikki Howes I identify as Demigender my gender pronouns are She/They.

I am a trauma informed Integrative counsellor Addiction specialist and Pink Therapy accredited Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversities Therapist.

I provide both short and long-term therapy with adults and young people online.

My work is founded on the assumption that human beings are imaginative, resourceful and unique. If you’re looking for therapy it’s likely that you’re feeling ‘stuck’ and have forgotten about the qualities that make you uniquely you.”

Chloe Foster (she/her) 🌈

Brighton and Online | Online Appointments | Queer Woman | White Scottish | Queer/Lesbian/Gay

Hello, I’m Chloe.

I have sadly lost count of how many clients I have worked with who have told me they’ve felt unable to open up about their gender and/or sexuality to a previous counsellor. I want this to change and look forward to working with you.

I have over 10 years’ experience supporting LGBTQ+ people in mental health, youth work and counselling.

I am also an Accredited Therapist in Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity with Pink Therapy.

Drawing on all my professional experience working with LGBTQ+ clients together with my lived experience as a Queer Woman myself I set up Sussex Rainbow Counselling in 2016 where I specialise in working with gender, sex and relationship diversity.

Neil Young  🌈

North London (Islington/Barnsbury) | Online Appointments | Queer | White English | Queer

In the busy-ness of the modern world, psychotherapy offers the chance to bring about meaningful change in our lives. It is rare to have a confidential space - away from our lives, families and work - to explore difficult feelings and experiences. Therapy gives permission for us to talk about whatever we need to. It can also allow reconnection to hope, humour and passion. I offer talking therapy as a space to explore where you are at – what is bringing you now, the impact of past experiences and the change you are hoping for, going forward.

I have experience of working with a diverse range of LGBTQ+ clients, offering short- and long-term therapy face-to-face and online in a range of settings including the NHS, LGBT charities and since 2018 now in private practice. I offer therapy to young people and adults (18+) who identify as trans, non-binary and/or gender diverse – as well as their family members, partners and friends – in my central and north London practices.

I am passionate about providing a culturally sensitive therapy space for diverse folk who fall outside of normative cisgender, heterosexual norms, as I do. I want therapy to be a space where you can explore your gender identity as much or as little as you need to, alongside any other issues and feelings that are drawing you to seek support.

Here is my Barnsbury Therapy Rooms profile.

Rae Yates  🌈

Worthing, West Sussex, BN12 | Online Appointments | Queer /Non-binary | British - white | Queer

I am an LGBTQ+/Queer Person-Centred Counsellor and Supervisor, accredited and registered with the National Counselling Society. I offer long or short term, individual counselling online and in person in East London and Worthing, West Sussex. I am Queer Non Binary and use They/Them pronouns.

I am an experienced Counsellor and Supervisor in the LGBTQ+ / Gender Sexuality and Relationship Diversity and Queer community. I work in Private Practice and at London Friend. I work with people with all kinds of issues and concerns and in differing levels of distress. I work with individual adults (18+) who are gay, bisexual, straight, asexual, queer, trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming, cis, agender, intersex, or in some way questioning and trying to understand issues around their sexuality or gender. I am committed to providing an inclusive, welcoming, safe and confidential space.

I work from a non-pathologising understanding of mental health issues and emotional distress. I also work with people who may find it more difficult to access counselling and therapy including people who:

  • experience neurodiversity such as ASD or ADHD
  • hear voices
  • have beliefs and experiences that others find unusual
  • in emotional or psychological crisis
  • in consensual non-monogamous or poly relationships
  • people labelled with PTSD, schizophrenia or a personality disorder.

LV Penman  🌈

Kings Cross / Online | Online Appointments | non-binary/ genderqueer | white British | queer/ bisexual

“No matter what you want to explore in therapy, I will listen with empathy, and help you to better understand your experiences and options. My training is in integrative therapy, and my own queerness informs how I think and how I work. I draw on different approaches; our work together will evolve and be shaped by what you need. There are some principles I always hold in mind. One is that you are the expert on your life. I am not here to give you answers, but to work with you to help you connect to your feelings, explore what matters to you, and find a greater sense of freedom and possibility. I have worked extensively with clients who are exploring their relationship to gender, as well as those who want to explore other issues including trauma, relationships, self-worth, life changes and anxieties in a safe and supportive environment.”

Dr Victoria Williams

Burton On Trent | Online Appointments | CIS Female | White | Heterosexual

Perhaps you’re feeling trapped or blocked by the past, confused knowing there must be more to life, but feeling stuck in survival mode with old patterns that keep resurfacing. Maybe you are recently grieving from a bereavement or a loss of some kind, or simply can’t make sense of a general flatness and are in the depths of despair with feelings of stress, depression and anxiety.

You know changes need to be made and seek a safe, supportive environment to help you work through your processes. I provide a non-judgemental, inclusive, affirmative and confidential space to explore these difficult thoughts and feelings to gain greater understanding.

I have experience working with a wide range of issues including low self-esteem, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, abuse, gender, sex and relationship diversity, trans and questioning people and their families. I work with a LGBTQ+ affirmative approach.

Aris Papaefstathiou  🌈

Private Practice: Hackney and Online | Online Appointments | Trans man | White European/Greek | Queer

I am a qualified, BACP-registered counsellor based in London and Greece. I am also a transgender man and recently a parent of twins; my preferred pronouns are ‘he/him/his’. I work with individuals in LGBTQ+ communities and I have a particular interest in working with people who identify as transgender, non-binary, gender diverse, and gender-questioning. I offer therapy for anyone who wants to explore their identity, regardless of whether they are considering or undergoing transition. I also offer therapy to people who want support for other challenges in life and would like to work these through with a trans therapist.

I also work with couples, partners, family members or anyone close to someone who is exploring their gender identity.

The counselling approach I am using is Person-Centred. I will offer an empathic, non-judgmental and accepting space in order to help you make sense of your experiences and feelings, as well as access your own resources to explore the challenges you are currently facing.

Jake Yearsley

Online, or from mid Devon. | Online Appointments | Trans male, trans historied | White, British | Heteroflexible

I am a qualified Psychosynthesis Counsellor (pgDip), Psychosexual therapist (pg Dip) with special focus on gender, sexual and relationship diversity.

Having a trans history myself (AFAB/ trans masculine), I understand the medical and legal process of gender reassignment. I am aware there is no homogenity of trans and non-binary identities, we all have different stories to tell. Through my experience and knowledge of the trans communities, I have an understanding of the wider social context that also impacts on the identity of gender and sexually diverse peoples.

I do not make assumptions about the clients pronouns or sexuality and I do not assume the clients intention of therapy is always about their gender or sexuality. I offer a respectful space where all computations of relationship styles, sexualities and gender identities are not seen as problematic. Previously, I have worked with LGBT Switchboard in Brighton and ‘All Sorts’ project for LGBTQ+ youth in Brighton.

Vaughan Titheridge 🌈

Mitcham and Sutton | Online Appointments | Male | White British | Gay

Hello I am a Drama Therapist and I work with creative methods to support people in the process of their journey. I may suggest creative techniques if I think this may be beneficial. The creative methods I work with are art, movement, exploring with you creative methods that you feel comfortable working with. I also talk if that is what you prefer. I see the therapy relationship as a journey we take together.

I work with individuals of various ages, as well as families. I have experience of working with children, young people, adults and families. Making the first step can be difficult and you can always call me to discuss how to go about arranging an initial session or ask me any questions you have

Deirdre MacGinley 🌈

Online | Online Appointments | cis woman | white British | lesbian/queer femme

Do you feel frightened that your world might fall apart if you look at your sexuality or gender? Maybe you have thoughts going round in your head and feel like you’ve lost track of perspective.

You may have a partner who is accepting of you up to a certain point, and you don’t know whether you want to push it further - you might lose them/ you might lose yourself.

Or you may be experiencing strong messages from your family, or religion or culture about how you should be, and it’s hard to find your way through.

Or maybe you’re single and as you embrace your gender identity you wonder what does that mean for you and sex and relationships? Who are you attracted to? What kind of sex? What if you don’t want sex? Or you want touch that doesn’t involve gendered parts of your body? What kind of relationships? There’s a world of labels - poly, asexual, aromantic, pansexual, lesbian, kink, trans, gender fluid, masc presenting etc, which can be helpful, and can be overwhelming.

Therapy with me gives you space to explore yourself, without pressure. This can involve looking at many areas of your life, past and present, being curious together, to see what comes up for you as your truth.

Imagine feeling less anxious and able to live your life peacefully. To know that you’re normal and that these feelings are not something to be scared of. You can feel better about yourself, and become more confident in the decisions you make.

Linda Vickers

Glasgow | Online Appointments | Female | White European | Heterosexual

I have over 25 years experience of working as a registered integrative psychotherapist and art therapist. An ethical approach is central to my work, and I am registered with UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) and with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapy). I am based in Glasgow and work mainly with young adults (16-25). I currently work on Zoom.

I have an NHS background, working in London as a therapist in a diverse range of mental health settings, and in recent years in Scotland, as a student counsellor in higher education. I have supported many young people struggling with issues relating to gender identity and sexuality. I am committed to human rights and freedom of expression, and am delighted to be an LGBTQ ally, through this directory and continued Gendered Intelligence supervision.

Ann Trusson (she/her)

Calverley, Leeds | Online Appointments | Female | Northern Irish | Straight

“Hello, I am a Person Centred Counsellor which means I believe you have the inner resources to resolve what has brought you to counselling. I will work with you to access these resources. My role is to create the right environment to give you time and space to process your thoughts and feelings. I provide acceptance, empathy and congruence to create a safe place to explore what is causing you distress. I find this approach works particularly well with people exploring their gender identity and young people due to the unconditional positive regard.

I can work both short term and long term. I work in person, by Zoom and by telephone. I offer the first appointment free as it is so important to get the right counsellor for you.”

Alex Sanderson-Shortt (he/him, they/them)

Manchester, Northwich, Chester | Online Appointments | Cisgender | White | Gay/ Queer

I am a cisgender queer man working in the North West. I am a relationship therapist who works with individuals, couples and polyam groups. My personal understanding of LGBTQ issues as well as my extensive training help me offer a safe space for trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming clients. I will not assume your gender identity/ expression is a “problem” or is the reason for you seeking counselling. But I recognise it can be a large area that needs exploring, and we can and will explore that if that is what you need. My training and experience covers a wide range of diverse populations; transgender, cross dressing, gender fluid/ genderqueer, non-binary, lesbian, gay, queer, asexual, bi, polysexual, asexual, polyamorous, Kink, ….or however else YOU choose to define your life and loving. I have experience in: coming out, transphobia, homophobia, working with partners, family acceptance, exploring Kink and BDSM safely, problems with sex, jealousy in poly/ open relationships, violence and abuse, children, managing personal change, addictions, anxiety, drink and drugs (including chemsex). I also work extensively with parents who are looking for help in supporting their children who may be trans/ n.b. / GNC as well as with partners of people who may be exploring their gender in later life.

Erica Paraiso (she/her) 🌈

somerset, but I work exclusively on zoom and by phone | Online Appointments | CIS female | Mixed Heritage British | Bisexual

I am a systemic relationship and individual counsellor/therapist working online and by phone. I am also a supervisor, tutor and trainer. I have many years experience of working with people who are neurodiverse. In practice I use aspects of Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, and Existential Therapy to stimulate thought and generate ideas. I understand that not everyone explores their feelings through talk and conversation, so I use drawing, the written word and music to support your exploration of life in general, your feelings, lived experiences, relationship difficulties, grief and bereavement. I offer a warm, inclusive safe space where you will be supported in uncovering meaning and building your preferred future. I am a registered member of the NCIP and a professional associate member of COSRT.

Samuele Russo (they/he)

Not currently delivering F2F | Online Appointments | Gender fluid | Italian | Queer

Samuele is my full name. You can call me Sam. I use they/he pronouns. I describe myself as a citizen of the world, learning how to walk gently on Earth.
My work brings together queer culture and ecological response-ability with a soulful perspective.

I am a registered HCPC & BADth dramatherapist and clinical supervisor. I work across Italy and the UK with queer communities, offering individual and group therapy, supervision and consultancy. In my free time I enjoy being outdoor in nature; walking, meditating and expressing myself creatively.

You can rely on a confidential, non-judgmental and non-stigmatising space to explore feelings and emotions at your own pace. In a world stuck in binary oppositions, the work that I do aims to offer a safe space to sit at the crossroads. The oblique approach of Sesame meets queer culture both pointing at a third space which native language is the open, not-interpretative image. Taking a step back from the literalised world of everyday life and one forward into the metaphorical of stories, myths and dreams can allow expansion of vision beyond the periphery of ego culture.

My approach is deeply influenced by Jungian psychology. My core training in the Sesame approach to dramatherapy as well as in Authentic Movement and in clinical supervision (Re-Vision) reflect a mythopoetic approach to Psyche. You may wonder if the process is a linear one, indeed, it is not. As Jung suggests ‘the way is not straight but appears to go round in circles’ (Jung, CW12, para.34)

Serge Nicholson  🌈

London & Hastings. UK wide. | Genderqueer Transmasculine | White Scottish | Queer

I am a gender, sexuality and relationship diversity inclusive therapist. I work with the wide range of issues that trans and gender diverse and gender questioning people bring to therapy. My model of therapy is Integrative (drawing upon the different approaches best suited to client needs) my approach is Humanistic and Holistic in philosophy. I bring my considerable experience and passion for working with clients from the LGBTIQ+ communities. I see both individuals and partner family as clients.

Therapy is supported by the creation of a non-judgemental confidential and affirming space to explore gender identity, sexuality, body image, adaption to change, and the experience or wish to look at the issues and feelings that may arise in our diversity of experience. I am a COSRT accredited Psychotherapist. I adhere to the COSRT Code of Ethics and Practice for General and Accredited Members. (

Siobhán Snowden (she/her) 🌈

City Road Therapy 335 City Road, London EC1V 1LJ | Online Appointments | cis gender | White British | Queer / Lesbian

Hello. My name is Siobhán Snowden. The pronouns I use are she and her.

I am an LGBTQ+ Person-Centred Counsellor, accredited with BACP. I work mainly but not exclusively within the LGBTQ+/ Gender Sexuality, Relationship Diversity (GSRD) and Queer Community.

I am a Pink Therapy GSRD Accredited Counsellor and as a member of this community I know how important it is to provide safe and accepting counselling for all my clients.

I have previous experience of working with clients at two large NHS healthcare trusts, with young people in educational settings and with LGBTQ+ charities like London Friend.

I work online and face-to face with individuals and we can work alongside each other on a short or long term basis

I look forward to hearing from you

Jo Levy  🌈

In person (Central and North London) and online. | Online Appointments | Gender queer | queer

I am a psychodynamic therapist with over 20 years clinical experience in various settings, most recently in the HE sector.

As a queer therapist I offer a safe, confidential and open therapeutic space which is inclusive of all aspects of client identity.

I offer both short and long-term therapy.

I offer both online and in person therapy.

My therapeutic training and background is in the psychodynamic modality with the clients’ needs at its core.

I work with openness, flexibility and compassion.

My clinical areas of experience and particular interest :





In the university setting my work has also focused on high risk and complex presentation:


Self harm

Suicidal ideation

As well as working with issues around :

Body image

Disordered eating

Exercise addiction

What I can help with: Abuse, Anxiety, Bereavement, Cancer, Chronic fatigue syndrome / ME, Cultural issues, Depression, Disability, Eating disorders, Health related issues, Identity issues, Loss, Post-traumatic stress, Relationships, Self esteem, Self-harm, Sexual identity, Sexuality, Spirituality, Stress, Trauma, Women’s issues, Work related issues

I also offer individual and group supervision and mental health training as an accredited MHFA trainer

Anna-Kristina Larsson 🌈

London: Tottenham Court Road and London Bridge | Online Appointments | cis woman | white European | queer

I imagine you are viewing this page because you want something to change, or to feel different, in your life. Perhaps this is in relationship to yourself, or to others, or both. Perhaps you experience high levels of anxiety, or feeling stuck, living with the effects of past or recent trauma. Perhaps you are dealing with issues of belonging, self-worth, or self-acceptance?

I offer a welcoming, non-judgemental space to address your current circumstances and struggles, and if you wish, how they are informed by earlier experiences. My invitation is that our sessions also become an exploration of purpose, creativity, inspiration and values.

Natalie Wood 🌈

Online only | Online Appointments | White British | Queer/bisexual

I am an integrative therapist and Accredited member of the BACP. I aim to offer you a space in which you feel understood and supported to explore whatever is impacting you. Through our work together we can identify patterns in your life and relationships, making meaning of your feelings and experiences as you move towards the life you want for yourself. The safety of the counselling relationship can help you to explore things that might normally feel difficult, and over time build confidence in your own abilities to handle life’s challenges.

My practice is gender, sexuality and relationship diversity informed, which means that I have knowledge/experience of a range of issues related to gender identity, sexuality, and different relationship styles.

Paolo Plotegher  🌈

Glasgow | Online Appointments | Genderqueer | Italian / Spanish | Queer

“I trained as an art therapist and as a systemic practitioner, and I use tools that come from both the psychodynamic and the systemic and narrative approach. I believe there is something queer and queering in art therapy and the gentle creativity and nonverbal expression that comes with it. I’ve been always passionate about affirming diversity and countering what is dominant, normative and damaging in our lives, and systemic therapy can be especially useful here by addressing the connections between the personal, interpersonal and social contexts.

I have worked as a therapist in a range of settings, from therapeutic communities, to NHS wards, from community centres to people’s homes, from homeless hostels, to prisons, care homes and schools. I have worked with people of all walks of life, with different symptoms and diagnosis, always engaging with them as people, whilst understanding identities as dynamic, relational, intersectional.

I am especially passionate about helping people addressing traumatic life experiences, tackling anxiety and depression, and affirming and celebrating gender, sexuality and relationship diversity (GSRD). “

Lisa Hayter  🌈

Farringdon | Online Appointments | Genderfluid | White | Queer

The bulk of my counselling experience has been working within the LGBTQIA+ community, and especially supporting clients who are gender non-conforming. However, generally the people I work with seek counselling for many other reasons, but recognise that they need a space that is non-judgmental, confidential and safe - a space where they don’t need to defend or explain themselves. As a person-centred counsellor, I hope to supportively guide people towards their own answers, and help them to uncover their own truths. I began my counselling journey nearly 30 years ago, as a Samaritan volunteer, and have spent 10 years working as a Counselling Supervisor at ChildLine. I also managed METRO’s Counselling service for 11-25 year olds, as well as supporting the volunteer counsellors and clients across their Over 25 service.

Lisa Wakefield

Derbyshire | Online Appointments | Non binary | White British | Non specific

Hello, I work from home in my private practice. I have a wealth of experience throughout my life & also in my professional work. I cannot comprehend each individual life experience because we all are unique.

Amanda Middleton (she/her) 🌈

Online | Online Appointments | Queer Woman | White Antipodean | Queer Lesbian

I have over 18 years of experience providing counseling and psychotherapy to a diverse range of people and groups. I qualified as a Psychologist in Australia, and as a Family and Systemic Psychotherapist in the UK. I work primarily with gender, sex and sexuality specialising within the LGBTQI communities and LGBTQI families. I offer short and long term therapy for people in relationships, individuals and families from my practice in Kings Cross.

I have worked in the NHS ( CAMHS), Social Care and private therapy fields. Working as a specialist in the areas of sex and sexuality, dual diagnosis (mental health and substance misuse), homelessness, HIV and sexual health, drug and alcohol use, and domestic violence.

Being an ethical therapist is central to my work, I am registered with the UKCP (United Kingdom Counselling and Psychotherapy) and work within their code of ethics. A central part of my work concerns respect for difference and diversity as well as a commitment to social justice.

Rahil Virik (They/them)

Online | Online Appointments | Non-Binary Trans | Indian | Pansexual

I have several years experience supporting Trans/Non-Binary people, knowing first-hand the experience of struggling to exist within multiple identities.

Societal pressures along with being part of relationships can leave people struggling to navigate between conforming to roles, others’ expectations and their own desires. I will work with you to create a safe space to help you reconnect with who you are and what you want.

Using an integrative approach aiding the exploration of your emotional, physical and spiritual sides. I can assist you in coping with challenges, accessing your vulnerability, developing resilience and implementing new changes in your life.

I value the exploration of difference and diversity as well as social issues within my work. My practise is affirmative of sex work, kink and diverse relationships (poly, non-monogamy, open). I will tailor my approach/pace based on your needs, to support you on your journey.

Dan Jones  🌈

19 Nassau Street, London W1W 7AF | Online Appointments | Trans Man | White British | Queer

I trained as an Integrative Counsellor at the Minster Centre in London. Being integrative means that I draw on several different therapeutic approaches. These may include ways to help us to make sense of your current patterns of relating to others and yourself in terms of past experiences; It may involve ways to understand how painful memories can be locked away in your body. I also bring an appreciation of the socio-political context in which we live, and the impact of structural oppression, particularly on people with minoritised experience. I endeavour to be aware of, and challenge, the ways in which these structures can be replicated in the therapy room. I have an intentionally trans-affirmative approach, which I believe can benefit all clients, regardless of their sexuality or gender. My aim is to tailor the approach to the specific needs and presenting issues of each client. At the centre of my counselling practice is the belief that the relationship between client and therapist can be a catalyst for lasting change.

Chai-Yoel Korn (they/them) 🌈

North London | Online Appointments | Non-binary | White European | Queer

Hello, my name is Chai-Yoel Korn (gender pronouns they/ them), and I run Chai-Yoel Korn Psychotherapy.

I have worked in the LGBTQ+ community for 24 years and have 14 years experience of offering psychotherapy services to individuals, couples and groups aged 16+. My specialisms include relational body psychotherapy; gender, sexuality and relationship diversity (GSRD); trauma therapy; and youth counselling for those aged 16+. I offer both short-term and long-term psychotherapy where your well-being is my priority. 

I am a body and trauma relational psychotherapist and clinical supervisor. 2023 will be my 24th year of working with and being an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community, I am also an expert speaker, trainer, an HIV activist, politically left thinking; 3rd generation Holocaust survivor; a secular Jew; have a strong interest and experience of working interculturally and am queer thinking. I have lived experience of living with a disability and chronic health issues.

I am an accredited member of the National Counselling Society.

Alicja Raffray

Jersey (Channel Island) | Online Appointments | female | European Polish | Heterosexual

“When you have struggled with worries and problems and they still seem to be insoluble; when you feel the time is right to make some changes in your life, the process of therapy can help you see the issue more clearly and explore all the options available to reach solutions and find healing. Some people struggle with problems for many, many years, often from childhood, and hesitate to share their burden because they feel rejection or judgement. Maybe it is too painful to share some problems with those they love (to not to worry them, to avoid being embarrassed, not sure if it is confidential and more). Counsellors are skilled in the art of listening and helping clients to explore many kinds of painful memories and emotions, helping them to experience peace and strength as they find release from the problems that have held them captive.

Individuals seek counselling for many reason, most of the time all to do with change; bereavement, illness, stress, relationship problems, hoping to change the way they feel about past experiences (abuse, relationships, family), frustration with where their life is going (or not going). It can be difficult to ask for help and talk about things which are confusing, painful or uncomfortable. Counselling offers a safe, confidential place where you can explore difficult feelings with someone who will really listen. Talking to a counsellor, who accepts you and respects your feelings, can help process difficult issues in your life. However, counselling is not always about problems. The honest feedback from a counsellor can enable you to understand more about yourself and discover changes that you might want to make to improve your quality of life and relationships, develop your awareness and sense of wellbeing”

Marc Mason 🌈

London: Hackney and Holborn | Online Appointments | Cis man | White | Queer / Gay

The work that we do will vary according to your needs. You may just want space to explore a particular issue that’s bothering you at the moment. Or you may have decided to spend a longer period of time exploring aspects of yourself, or your past or present. It may even be that you don’t know what you want to talk about, but recognise a need to process and explore. My working style draws primarily upon Gestalt therapy. I am also trained in other humanistic approaches. I take a relational approach to the work, meaning that I invite you to explore the way that we experience each other during our work together.

Stuart Lansdell 🌈

Bromley, South East London | Cis Male | White British | Gay

I am a counsellor experienced in working with young people and their families regarding a variety of presentations including anxiety, depression, ASD, sexuality and gender. I am an integrative counsellor but work in a person centred way and am a CBT qualified practitioner. As counsellors we work with people who are often struggling and vulnerable. It is a privilege to be able to work with people in this way, to do so collaboratively, compassionately and work towards making a difference.

Claudia Kempinska  🌈

Northants | Online Appointments | non-binary | White British | Gay

I am an experienced psychodynamic psychotherapist, working with adults and young people, with a variety of presenting issues on both a time-limited and open-ended basis, both individually and in groups, in various settings: within CAMHS NHS, within a school, a university counselling service, a mental health charity and in a private practice setting. As a psychodynamic therapist, I can help you to understand underlying problems by exploring unconscious processes, as well as helping you with issues you might be aware of (conscious issues).

I also offer EMDR.

I have a particular interest and specialism in working with: People with anger difficulties; LGBTQ clients; Clients who have experienced childhood trauma and loss; People with identity issues; People with relationship issues.

I have ten years of working alongside LGBTQ+ clients and I have two years of experience as Gender Identity Pathway Lead in CAMHS.

Sharon Roberts

Peckham, SE15 | Online Appointments | Female | White British | Straight

I offer clients a supported, non-judgmental space where it is safe to be who they are. As an integrative counsellor my work is client led and non-directive, working with the person to allow them the opportunity to explore their feelings and experiences. I feel that each person is an individual and therefore work with clients to explore ways of working which would be suited to them and their circumstances.

I have experience working with relationships within family & work settings, domestic violence, coping with illness, loneliness, problems with confidence, self-esteem and all aspects of mental wellness. I have extensive experience working with those who have suffered bereavement including, long and short-term illness, sudden death, miscarriage and suicide.

I have a counselling room in a new community space in Peckham SE London which has excellent transport links. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP).

Emily Adams (she/they)  🌈

Manchester | Online Appointments | Non-binary | White | Pan/Bisexual, Queer

Hey, I’m Emily and my pronouns are she/they. I am an approachable, down to earth and compassionate therapist. Working from a Person-Centred philosophy, the essence of my approach is to work with you in a warm, supportive, non-judgmental relationship. It’s in this kind of relationship that you can reconnect with yourself, find your voice and develop a clearer understanding of any changes you need to make. Sessions are guided by you, and together we’ll explore the parts of your experience and life that might feel painful, stuck, or that need paying attention to. While it might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, directly addressing and exploring things like this with someone non-judgemental and validating (rather than leaving it in the background) can be useful. Therapy is a space away from the external noise of others’ advice and opinions to hear yourself and understand more clearly what your own wisdom may be telling you. I will hold space for us to reflect, process and make sense of what’s happened to you, where you are right now, and where you hope to move forwards to. New insights and ways of understanding yourself can emerge in therapy, which can become the first steps towards making the changes in your life that you’re looking for. Quite often, when you tune into yourself with curiosity and compassion, the answers and resources you need can be found.

Caroline Hodson

I am in private practice from dedicated space in my home near Blackburn, Lancs | Online Appointments | cis woman | white british | heterosexual

I am a qualified Integrative Psychotherapist and offer counselling in my private practice.

I bring acceptance and compassion to the therapeutic relationship and endeavour to create a safe space where any issues you bring can be considered and explored in a constructive manner. I am especially interested in how we experience emotions and the roles we play in relationships. I have extensive experience of working in mental health services in my past life as a nurse.

The first appointment is free and an opportunity for you to decide if we can work together and for us to agree the contract for our work. I endeavour to work in an inclusive and non-discriminatory way and treat my clients in accordance with their gender identity, rather than that assigned to them. I respect people’s names, pronouns and the words they use to describe their identity including their race, faith and sexual orientation.

Alexandra Jones

Waterloo Community Counselling, London | Online Appointments | Cis Female | White | Heterosexual

Asking for help is the first step, it takes courage. My approach is Psychodynamic counselling which explores past events and experiences and how they have and can affect the here and now. Understanding the unconscious and facilitate your therapy process by being a sounding board to your needs and thoughts. I offer short or long term therapy seeing adult clients predominantly using Skype or phone counselling, however I can offer face to face counselling based in Waterloo, London. I worked in the entertainment industry for many years before becoming a counsellor. I believe in creating a space that is just yours, where there is freedom for you to talk about what you wish or need to explore. Ensuring that I am understanding, empathetic and compassionate to enable your thinking and growth.

Ly Orrock  🌈

London | Online Appointments | Trans Non-binary | White british | Queer

As a non-binary, queer psychotherapist, I center inclusivity at the heart of my therapeutic approach. With a background in Art psychotherapy, I employ a variety of creative mediums such as natural materials, image making, clay, movement, and drama alongside traditional talking therapies. My experience spans from education, charitable work, and community engagement, with current roles in the NHS and private practice. I offer both online and outdoor therapy, acknowledging the profound influence of nature and creativity on personal growth and self-acceptance. In outdoor sessions, we harness the vitality and transformative power of nature, engaging in movement, art, and creative expression to invigorate and support ourselves, affirming our identities and gender expressions. I also provide online therapy, integrating expressive arts to explore queerness, emotions, and self-identity, ultimately empowering you to embrace your unique self. Nature is all-encompassing, and so should our approach to therapy be.

Deepa Valji (She/her)

Watford | Online Appointments | Female | British Indian. | Hetrosexual

I have been In practice for nearly 10 years. Having a keen intrest in gender questioning and LGBTQ+ clients I have seen many clients, empowering them to accept who they are and what they feel.

Maeve Keenoy

Cardiff | Cis female | White British | Heterosexual

I am a Humanistic Existential counsellor, I aim to provide one-to-one counselling within a safe, confidential environment where you are able to constructively explore any issues that are causing you difficulties. I believe that by building a strong therapeutic relationship and working collaboratively there is potential to increase self-awareness, understanding and confidence which can lead to clarity, insight and change.

I have experience of working in a variety of agencies, including working in specialist agencies for substance misuse and rape and sexual abuse. I also have experience of working with young people (16-25)

The number of sessions can be negotiated and I can offer flexible appointment times, including evening and weekends. You also have the option of an informal chat on the phone prior to booking an appointment to discuss your needs and for you to decide whether I am the right counsellor for you.

Dr Alexandra Richards 🌈

London, and I also offer online appointments | Online Appointments | Cisgender woman | White British | Bisexual

I am an HCPC-registered Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in working with LGBTQ+ people, including those who are transgender, non-binary or questioning their gender. I also have expertise in working with individuals with long-term health conditions and disabilities and can provide space to consider how experiences of illness can interact with gender identity. Therapy can involve exploring your gender and possible challenges associated for this. Similarly, others come to therapy to work on different issues such as past trauma or mood difficulties, with a therapist who is informed about gender diversity.

I am trained in a range of evidence-based therapies and use these in an integrative way, adapting to each individual’s needs. In particular I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Psychodynamic Therapy. My approach is flexible and during assessment we can consider together what kind of therapy may be most helpful for you.

Clive Rossington  🌈

Brighton | Gender Queer | Caucasian/White | Queer

Having had a life of uncertainty around how to describe my gender and sexuality, I now work with people who are in similar situations of questioning and working out who they truly identify themselves to be.

It is human nature to categorise and label other people - eg trying to work out whether the newcomer is gay or straight, single or in relationship etc. Labels are quickIy applied and assumptions made. And living in their shadow can be stressful and punitive, even more so if they are incorrect.

In my counselling practice, I support people to live a fuller and more authentic life, helping them to work out how to overcome the prejudices and challenges that difference and diversity may have brought.

Additionally, I specialise in mental health, neurodiversity, bereavement, cancer, as well as working with couples and groups.

Lois Peachey 🌈

Working primarily online and face to face in north Suffolk | Online Appointments | Cis woman | White British | Pansexual/Queer

I offer the opportunity to enter into an ethical, confidential, supportive and healing therapeutic relationship, giving you the safety to explore feelings, thoughts and beliefs about yourself, your relationships, your experiences and your place in the world. I have practiced for over 20 years and am trained in a wide range of approaches. The areas of gender, sexuality and relationship diversity are of great interest to me and personally relevant. I understand that expression and identity can be complex and change over time. It may be issues in these areas that are bringing you to therapy or it may be that you want to work on other issues but with someone to whom you don’t have to explain yourself and who will not make assumptions.

Will Hardy (He/Him) 🌈

London - South & East | Online Appointments | Cisgender Male / Gender Queer | White | Gay / Queer

Based online and in South and East London, I provide LGBTQ+ therapy and counselling for those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, queer, questioning, polyamorous, kink, ace etc. My work is queer positive, sex affirming, collaborative and fluid.

Anna Lidzey (She/they)  🌈

Norfolk and Suffolk | Online Appointments | Agender | White British | Bisexual she/they

I have grown up in gender questioning communities and have worked as a psychotherapists and systemic family practitioner with trans and gender questioning people for over a decade. I am the diversity lead and clinical lead for a child a children and families well-being service - The Apricot Centre Well-being Service.

Claire Luxford

From home on the borders of Kent & Sussex | Female | White British | Heterosexual

I am a qualified and BACP Accredited counsellor with a Diploma in Counselling. I hold an Enhanced DBS check. I have lived experience of Neuro-diversity and have undertaken additional specialist training in this field to support clients. I have a number of years of experience working with teenagers and young adults and have extensive experience of working in school settings. I support young people struggling with issues relating to gender identity and issues relating to sexuality.

I have worked alongside clients from a variety of ethnic backgrounds who are experiencing or suffering from a wide range of difficulties including: depression, suicidal ideation, self-harm, eating disorders, family breakdown, anger, anxiety, low self-esteem, stress, bereavement, low self-confidence, relationship issues, sexual abuse, disability, trauma and loss.

Jude Smit

Hampton | Online Appointments | Cisgender female | White Other | Hetrosexual

I am an experienced, registered and accredited psychotherapist / integrative arts psychotherapist. I work with adults and young adults presenting with a wide range of personal experiences, including trauma and abuse. I believe that each person’s lived experience is unique and my integrative training and trauma specialism enable me to draw on a range of theories and techniques, according to your individual needs and what you bring to therapy. My approach is authentic, empathic and non-judgemental; I believe in working in partnership and empowering your voice, so that together we can develop a shared understanding of your experiences and the challenges in your life.

Cecile Terrelonge (she, her, they)

I set up and manager the Youth Counselling Service also private practice | Bi Racial White British Black Caribean | Hetrosexual

I am a Therapeutic counsellor working within the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)code of ethics and counselling practices. I work with all ages but specialise with young people aged between 11 and 25 yrs old. My aim is to work with individuals to find relief from problems and distress and help promote their well-being. To provide you with an opportunity to explore and clarify your thoughts and feelings. You will be able to examine personal problems and unlock hidden feelings that may have been hidden for some time and in time make progress. The process takes place in a relaxed, safe and confidential setting, allowing you time to talk to someone who will be non judgemental and will assist you in setting goals and working towards them.

Jules Haley 🌈

Online & Worthing, West Sussex | Online Appointments | Queer femme | White British | Queer

I’m an experienced therapist offering long or short term, individual and couples/ relationship counselling, online and in Worthing / Brighton, West Sussex. I am a member of BACP and an Accredited Registrant with the National Counselling Society. I am also a member of the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online. I use the pronouns ‘she/they’.

I work with adults (18+) who have a range of life experiences including trauma and abuse, chronic illness, drug and alcohol issues and those wanting to explore their sexuality and gender. I work with individuals and couples from a range of cultural backgrounds including queer, poly and kink communities, neurodiversity, asexuality, and people who identify or questioning across the gender spectrum.

I am committed to providing an inclusive, welcoming, safe and confidential space. I have a flexible diary which works for people on shift patterns or freelancers although a set date and time can be agreed if needed.

Tessi Tricks  🌈

E8, Hackney and E15, Stratford. | Online Appointments | Non-binary/transmasculine | White British | Queer

“I am a warm and dynamic therapist offering a safe and supportive space where you can talk about your experiences without judgement and at your own pace. I have experience working as a therapist for an LGBTQIA+ charity where I work affirmatively with those from across the GSRD (gender, sex and relationship diversity) spectrum. I pay close attention to intersectionality in my work where I seek to understand all that makes up ‘you’ including the identities you hold, your upbringing and the social and cultural world around you.

In my work, I often draw on psychodynamic ways of working which involve paying attention to early experiences, making space to process difficult feelings and traumas, drawing connections between your past and present and identifying patterns in your life that might be keeping you stuck. We may come to notice unconscious processes operating outside of your awareness including hidden feelings and pressures, enabling you to widen your understanding of yourself and your relationships, opening up a sense of freedom and choice in how you move through the world and relate to others.”

Kate Winter 🌈

Phoenix Therapy Practice | Online Appointments | Female | White British | Pansexual

I am a Psychodynamic Counsellor and student member of the BACP. I also have a degree in Sociology from The University of Warwick. Throughout my career I have worked in a variety of settings including the Police Service, Survivors’ Network and privately as a Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher. My interests therefore lie in working with those who have experienced trauma in all forms, whether in early years, adult life or both. I am particularly interested in using the psychodynamic approach in a way that is inclusive, creative and tailored towards the particular needs of the client in any given moment.

Psychodynamic counselling is based on the premise that unconscious thoughts and beliefs developed in infancy are at the root of our experiences as adults. As a result, we may find ourselves developing particular defences and repeating patterns in relationships with others. The aim of Psychodynamic counselling is therefore to bring what is unconscious into consciousness in a safe and supportive environment. Through doing so, the client can explore alternative ways of being in the world and bring about lasting change.

Andrea Summers (she/they)  🌈

Portsmouth, UK | Non-binary | White British

I have been practising therapy for 13 years and offer private counselling for individuals and clinical supervision sessions for individuals and groups alongside my work for a charity and in the public sector.

My core training in counselling and psychotherapy is Humanistic, informed by Existentialist theory and philosophy. For me this means that we can explore and understand ourselves through relationships, with each other and the world. The therapeutic relationship itself is fundamental to this and can offer a space where awareness and potential for change can emerge.

You might come to therapy with a specific issue or feeling you want to focus on or you might value support to be curious about the meaning your life holds and in this space explore anxieties, uncertainties and possibilities.

I offer a professional space and hope to support clients to experience a feeling of safety in the therapeutic relationship. I do think though that what helps us to feel ‘safe’ and what this means is a feeling unique to each of us and feelings may be unexpected or change with time. We can explore this in the initial contact and ongoing sessions and any questions you might have about being in therapy itself, particularly if you haven’t had an experience of it before.

I am non-binary and I use she and they pronouns. I provide LGBT+ affirming therapy and I am committed to developing anti oppressive practice through self -education, working individually and organisationally in consciousness raising and activism. My practice is trauma informed and I have significant experience of working with adult survivors of sexual violence.

I access regular clinical supervision to support my practice, a combination of individual, specialist group and peer spaces.